YHA is a charity committed to enabling young people to experience the health and wellbeing benefits of travel and real adventure. And that includes tackling inequality of access and opportunity.

Here you’ll find out much more about YHA, our campaign to demonstrate the transformative power of adventure, and links to resources to enable teachers and pupils to experience the Adventure Effect for themselves – including funding support and free visits.

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Watch our experiment

Over three days, we took adventure away from Alastair Humphries, a professional adventurer who thrives in the outdoors. Meanwhile, we gave five children a unique adventure away from home to see how much they gained. Watch our film to see what happened.

Here's how we can help

YHA: part of the solution

For almost 90 years, YHA has been creating opportunities for outdoor education. With 130+ groups sites and the choice of curriculum-linked packages, self-led residentials and bolt-on activities, we can create a bespoke trip to suit the specific needs of your group or school.

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Funding support

We've extended our Educational Beaks programme to match-fund trips for groups eligible for pupil premium and where children face additional social challenges. Find out if we can meet half the cost of your school trip. Applications close 31st January 2019.

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Get to know us better

Whether you’ve stayed with us before or you’re new to YHA, we encourage group leaders to take advantage of free planning visits. We also host familiarisation events throughout the year where you can sample available activities and menus.

Free visits and events

Why do more children need the Adventure Effect?

People abseiling at YHA Edale

Only 1 in 5 young people regularly play outside
(Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment pilot study: visits to the natural environment by children, Natural England, 2016)

People enjoying rafting at YHA Edale

Just five minutes of ‘green exercise’ can improve a child’s mental wellbeing.
(What is the Best Dose of Nature and Green Exercise for Improving Mental Health? A Multi-Study Analysis. Environmental Science & Technology, 2010)

Group bookings

Children who regularly play outdoors are happier, healthier and more confident
(Natural Connections Demonstration Project, 2012-2016: Final Report. Natural England commissioned report)

Child with a safety helmet on

85% of children age 6-12 long for more adventure in their lives
(OnePoll, 20-10)