Winter Residentials

We love #WinterResidentials

We believe that the transformative impact school residentials have on everyone involved are greater the sooner a residential takes place in the school year. Working alongside The Learning Away programme, we are championing the powerful benefits achieved by taking your residential during the winter months.

Joe Lynch

YHA Commercial Director

We are very proud that Joe Lynch, YHA Commercial Director, is Chair of the Learning Away Consortium and an enthusiastic supporter of the powerful impacts that brilliant residential experiences have on young people. Through extensive action research, Learning Away has gathered profound evidence that show school residentials have a transformative impact on everyone involved. A copy of the full report, which includes a compelling foreword from Joe, can be downloaded here.

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  • Benefit 1 - Boost resilience and wellbeing

    Residentials improve students’ resilience, self-confidence and wellbeing. Students are more willing to try something new and ask for help, push themselves and participate in class. Imagine teaching in a class with more self-belief for the rest of the school year after going on a YHA winter residential.

  • Benefit 2 - Increase engagement with learning

    Residentials improve students’ engagement with learning, including positive changes in behaviour and attendance. Going on a YHA residential in the winter months will give them a passion for learning which can live on throughout the year.

  • Benefit 3 - Embed learning back in school

    Going on a winter residential allows more time for all learning to be embedded and reinforced back in school. Evidence shows that residentials have a long term impact on students’ progress and attainment when followed up on their return to school.

  • Benefit 4 - Foster deeper relationships

    The sooner a teacher gets to know their students, the sooner they can ‘set them up for success’. Winter residentials allow relationships between staff and students to become more trusting and respectful back in the classroom. Students get to know teachers as individuals; staff gain a better understanding of their students and how to respond to them.

  • Benefit 5 - Discover new learning opportunities

    The longer nights and shorter days offer new learning opportunities outdoors during a residential. Our winter packages offer activities including astronomy, night walks, and exploring in the dark.

  • Benefit 6 - Greater return on investment

    Not only will your school have longer to enjoy the benefits listed above, YHA Winter Residentials are often more affordable, giving your school the benefit of a greater return on investment.

  • "The night walk was awesome. You’d think it was creepy but it’s not. You learn things about stars while having fun"

New for Winter Discovery package - Exploring earth, the planets & the universe

YHA Castleton Losehill Hall

Build a giant solar system, learn all about the stars and planets and discover how to find them in the night sky, build and launch rockets with gas, liquid and solid fuel boosters, and create orbits, seasons and eclipses in our space lab. This new winter program is set to launch a keen interest in astronomy and the universe whilst delivering the Earth and Space elements of the KS2 Science curriculum, or Space Physics and Forces at KS3. Our latest Discovery package includes elements of individual skill development and a number of challenges involving co-operation and team skills. This package provides full board meals, accommodation and all activities from just £38pppn, excluding VAT.

Note: Dark Skies activities are also available in Winter from YHA Boggle Hole as part of their Discovery package.

The Learning Away research reveals that one of the main barriers to residentials continues to be cost. However, with YHA winter residentials starting from only £38pppn (excl VAT), and free places available to the young people who need them most through our Breaks programme, we are here to help make residentials more affordable. Our packages include accommodation, meals and activities, plus when you stay with us between September and February a selection of our activities have been purposefully developed to help you beat those winter blues. So you’ll receive the same high quality experience, just at a lower cost.

* YHA Winter Residentials start from only £38pppn (excl VAT) and include accommodation, meals and activities. Free places are available for young people who qualify through our Breaks programmes.