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We’re campaigning for #BrilliantResidentials, championing the cause for more young people to experience our flexible, high-quality residentials, which can lead to positive outcomes such as increased resilience, self-confidence, acquisition of or improvement of new skills, better social relationships, and educational achievement, among many others. These gains can translate into meaningful, life enhancing experiences for young people, far beyond an individual trip

School trips with an overnight stay can be life changing experiences for young people. A YHA residential in a hostel, bunkhouse, camp or an evening spent together under the stars, can achieve different outcomes from a day trip and its related activities. In many cases the biggest challenge(s) of the trip for students are not the adventure activities, it’s being away from home, learning to manage their own behaviour, accommodating others, eating communally and making decisions such as clothing or food choices, and managing conflicts or disagreements independently.

Recent research by Learning Away, a special initiative funded by the Paul Hamlyn Trust, has provided overwhelming evidence of the impact and benefits of a residential experience. During the first phase of Learning Away, the Trust worked with sixty partner schools over five years. As a result, they have a clear understanding of what is meant by high-quality residential learning. Based on this appreciation, they have coined the phrase ‘brilliant residentials’ to describe these experiences.

YHA are united in promoting and championing affordable residential learning to enable more young people to benefit from these life-changing experiences and are very proud that Joe Lynch, our Commercial Director, is the chair of the Learning Away Consortium.

Through the Learning Away theory and evaluation evidence, such as inspiring school case studies, it is envisaged that more head teachers and governing bodies will embed high quality residentials in their school curriculum, as a a core learning pathway for each young person.

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YHA impact case study – Parkinson Lane Primary School

By its own admission, Parkinson Lane School has not always been a high performing learning institution. Indeed, the Head Teacher, Gugsy Ahmed, attributes a significant part of their progress from an under-preforming school, to an exemplar one, to the long standing partnership with YHA. In his words: “Since 2005 when YHA and Parkinson Lane Primary School began working together, the impact of the outdoor activities on students’ personal and academic development has been remarkable. Located in Halifax, Yorkshire, Parkinson Lane School is currently rated as outstanding by OFSTED. “ 

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