Real experiences are yours for the taking

Breathe in the fresh countryside air as you surround yourself with the beautiful landscapes of the great outdoors or take in urban attractions and historical monuments as you tour the big city. Feel your fingers gripping the cool nooks and crannies of a genuine rock face as you begin to climb skyward then, later that day, when don your wetsuit and take an oar in hand, hear the water gently slap against your canoe as you paddle down the river. All real experiences and all yours for the taking.

Our unique network of properties spans the length and breadth of England and Wales’ most inspiring landscapes, which means we’re singularly positioned to offer groups the widest range of authentic experiences in the real outdoors.

Our residentials are designed to deliver positive powerful outcomes for young people and provide magic moments that will live long in the memories of all participants and group leaders.

How can we make your experiences REAL?

Contact our dedicated team to discuss your requirements.

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