COVID-19: Education Groups

Existing residential bookings summer 2021

We are pleased to have welcomed school groups for day stays and residentials, and are operating these in line with the relevant Government guidance.

We anticipate this may involve the need to amend some bookings to ensure we can operate safely and within the guidance. We will be contacting customers with existing bookings to discuss options.

We hope to accommodate as many school residentials as possible, but for those who can no longer travel due to Covid-related restrictions, or we cannot accommodate due to operational Covid safety measures, our Covid-19 Flexibility Guarantee means you can request to transfer your booking to a later date, another hostel, or request a full refund.

If you want to move or cancel  your booking

To amend or cancel your booking please use this form and one of our team will contact you to discuss transferring or refunding your booking.

We value your custom and are doing everything we can to enable residentials to happen safely and responsibly. We look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

Frequently asked questions

Please find answers to the most common questions about group and educational travel below. For more information, refer to our latest Covid-19 statement.

What assurances can you give me that your COVID-19 procedures are suitable?

  • We developed our Covid-19 secure measures to meet the stringent requirements of the Visit Britain “We’re Good to Go” industry standard and consumer mark, to demonstrate that we adhere to Government and public health guidance.
  • Every hostel that we have reopened has undergone a rigorous risk assessment for Covid-19.
  • All hostel staff have undergone Covid-19 safety training.
  • We constantly review and enhance our Covid-19 practices in line with Government, public health and sector-specific guidance.

Will group leaders still be able to run familiarisation trips?

  • Yes, however we may need more lead time to arrange this, so please arrange as early possible.
  • We may ask you to allocate more time than usual for this if the hostel is under sole occupancy in the lead up to your visit, particularly if the group staying at the time of your familiarisation visit do not want interruptions from other visitors.
  • We will honour a similar request from you in the same way when you are staying with us.

How many groups can we have staying at a hostel at any one time – are there any limits on this?

Our sites are unique and therefore we can’t offer a universal answer to this. If you contact us, we can talk you through your requirements and how best we can facilitate them.

Will the hostel be the same as when I’ve stayed before?

We have set up our hostels to be Covid-19 secure, which has necessitated changes to the way we operate them to ensure they operate safely for all hostel users.

How will communal spaces for multiple groups be provided safely?

Where we have other groups in the hostel we will use allocated timings to occupy spaces such as dining rooms. We will need you to be prompt and manage your group’s time in these spaces as cleaning between groups will become an essential risk control. Please discuss your requirements with us when you make your booking.

Will you allocate additional beds or rooms for our stay to ensure that we can socially distance?

  • Your risk assessment will determine your social distancing requirements in the rooms.
  • In line with Government guidance, we have reviewed the capacity of our rooms for ventilation purposes; we can advise you on room capacity when you contact us about your booking.
  • We will allocate you the rooms or beds that you tell us you require.
  • If your needs change between booking and arrival, you will need to let us know as far in advance as you can to enable us to attempt to secure the space you need.

Will we be charged for extra beds that we are not using but need to have due to social distancing?

  • We will seek to keep the cost as affordable as possible; however, if you request more space it may impact on the price you need to pay.
  • Costs will vary dependant on the time of year and popularity of the site.
  • Speak to our specialist advisors who will look to place you to meet your specific needs.

Will group leaders be able to share rooms?

This is a decision for you based on your risk assessment and your own social distancing needs. We will do our best to meet your needs.

How will activities be run to ensure social distancing?

  • Our activities will operate in line with the latest Government guidelines to ensure that activities are delivered in a Covid-secure manner.
  • All adventurous activities, with the exception of caving, are delivered using the same principles as low-level activities.
  • For off-site activities we select the venues that are less likely to be crowded.

How will groups be catered for?

  • This will depend on whether you are in a sole-use hostel or if you are sharing a hostel with other guests; due to the uniqueness of each hostel we will have to assess your specific needs.
  • If you are in a hostel with another group, each group will be given an allocated start and finish time for meals; your group will have sufficient time to enjoy their meal but we will ask you to be prompt so that we are able to clean properly between every group.

My group booking includes meals, are you continuing to offer these?

Yes – there may be some minor changes due to Covid-19, however we continue to offer a full meals service. Please contact us nearer your stay for a full list of menu options.

What happens if a child tests positive for Covid-19 before a stay, will they be entitled to a refund?

Yes, we would ask that you don’t bring anyone with you who should be isolating and therefore we would refer you to our Covid-19 Flexibility Guarantee. If the rest of your group are able to travel though we look forward to welcoming them.

What happens if a child becomes ill during their stay?

We will work with you and your school to meet your needs, it may be that it’s best for the child to depart but we will work with you to resolve this to the best of our ability.

Are we able to have sole occupancy at a hostel?

  • We do offer sole-use of many of our hostels, particularly our smaller hostels that are more affordable on sole-use.
  • The cost will depend on the size of the hostel and the number of people it can accommodate – the larger the property the higher the price will be.

Are YHA taking new educational group bookings?

Yes. YHA are taking new bookings for both day stays and residentials.

Will YHA provide my contact details to NHS Test and Trace services?

  • Customers and visitors are encouraged to provide their contact details for the purpose of contact tracing, however this is no longer a legal requirement in England and Wales.
  • If you wish to provide your contact details to support NHS Test and Trace services, we will collect your names and contact details, including arrival and departure times and these will be shared with NHS Test and Trace (England) and NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect upon request.
  • Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Covid-19 secure risk assessment

Read our Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment and put your mind at ease.

COVID-19 flexibility guarantee

Book with confidence thanks to our Covid-19 Flexibility Guarantee.

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