Theatre Bolt-on

If you're thinking about seeing a show whilst staying at our London or Stratford-upon-Avon hostels we can recommend a great way to make the event a little more special. Try our bespoke drama workshop, delivered by the awesome folk at The Theatre Workout or Dreamshed Theatre.

The Theatre Workout, London’s leading workshop and events company, offer bespoke 2-3-hour drama workshops which can be tailored to accompany any West End play or musical. While Dreamshed Theatre offer workshops all linking to the work of Shakespeare in the Bard’s hometown.

Our Theatre Bolt-on requires a minimum group size of 25.

The Theatre Workout workshops

Rated as “One of the top ten drama trips in the UK” by School Travel Organiser magazine

West End workshops
Tailored to any show of your choice, Theatre Workout’s West End Workshops explore the characters, story, themes, performance style, and learning techniques used by performers in the show, performing songs and scenes.

Stage Combat workshops
As part of Theatre Workout’s bespoke masterclass programme, workshops on Stage Combat cover acting, storytelling, improvisation and communication techniques as students learn to choreograph dramatic fight moves while staying safe throughout. 

Language workshops
Created specifically for foreign-language groups, these workshops offer a more creative way of learning English, for all levels of ability, helping students to learn new vocabulary, boosting confidence, and improving their communication skills.

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Workshops vary depending on your chosen Shakespeare text or West End show, but they all give you the opportunity to explore the characters, analyse the plot, rehearse and perform scenes and discuss their relevance to modern day issues.

Once you’ve booked you’ll be contacted by our partners who will discuss any specific requirements you may have and chat you through all of the options available.